Title Issue Date
Did You Read Your Lease Before Or After Your Signature Ink Dried? September, 2003
I'm Selling My Coin Laundry. How Can I Be Assured That The Buyer Will Make His Payments? November, 2003
What Are The Obligations Of A Secured Party in Selling Repossessed Equipment? January, 2004
Supervisor Believes Employee Is Of 'Superior' National Origin! Employee Claims Harassment! March, 2004
The Courts Are Awash In Appeals! May, 2004
My Business Is A Disaster! ... Who Can I Blame? July, 2004
Coin Laundry Brokers: What Level Of Care Do You Owe Your Clients? September, 2004
A Dog Bite, A Burst Pipe, And The Dangers Of The Wrong Side Of The Road! November, 2004
The Lease Requires The Lessor To Undertake Repairs, But Repairmen Never Appear!   Can I Withhold The Rent? January, 2005
Employment Litigation: A Growth Industry! March, 2005
Stressed Because Your Employer’s Stock In Your Retirement Fund Is In Rapid Descent? Do You Have A Workers’ Compensation Claim? May, 2005
Alcohol And Free Speech! July, 2005
Is Your Coin Laundry “Accessible?” September, 2005
A Customer Or Employee Is Assaulted In Your Coin Laundry November, 2005
Supervisors And Talk Show Hosts January, 2006
Evergreen Trees As a Spite Fence? March, 2006
The Laundry Room Lease April, 2006
Repair, Rent and Security: A Look at Your Lease June, 2006
The Dangers of Seeking Physical Perfection October, 2006
You Sign a Lease. The Landlord Signs a Separate Lease Wwith a Competitor. Can you sue? December, 2006
We Scribbled Our Deal on a Napkin. Is It Binding? February, 2007
I'm Behind in My Rent. What's Next? April, 2007
Lease Option Provides Future Rent Shall Be Determined By Mutual Agreement!   Is The Option Enforceable? June, 2007
How To Invite Litigation In The Exercise Of An Option To Renew Your Lease! August, 2007
Choking On Hidden Charges?   What Should You Do? September, 2007
The Lessor Didn’t Repair The Roof!   Can I Withhold Rent? October, 2007
The Square Footage Is 4,300, Not 5,500 As Represented!   Can I Sue? December, 2008
Can A Shareholder Be Liable For Corporate Debt? January, 2008
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: How Secure Is An Equipment Distributor As A Secured Creditor October, 2008
Clearing The Air - Does Your Self-service Laundry Meet Code Requirements For Both Make-up Air And Combustion Air? February, 2009
If A Customer Is Hurt During A Robbery Because You Stalled In Responding To The Robber'S Demands, Are You Liable? April, 2009
My Neighbor’s Tree Is Offending Me!  Can I Get Out The Ax? June, 2008
How Much is My Rent? November, 2009
A Purchase Primer For First-time Laundry Investors! September, 2013